Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Day 6 - 12

Sorry about the lack of postings. Been rather busy :)

It is the final stages of the bootcamp and it has all gone rather quickly. I would recommend CED and if you get a chance check out the instructor before you get here. The one we have is Chester Flake and he keeps the classes light, fast and informative. I know he does other classes (SQL etc).

If you are prepared for the time you need to put in then it is great and I think it was good for me to get away from everything and concentrate on the camp. Some here have work related issues to deal with in the evenings and get calls from work they have to deal with.

As for the progress it's three down two to go! Passed 70-536, 70-528 and 70-526. There is another exam on Thursday the 70-529 followed a few days afterwards with 70-549. Looks like some more late nights and early mornings.

More study tonight.


haroldvanrijn said...


First of all, congratulations with passing 3 exams!! I am happy you post a new blog. I check your blog each day.

I really intend to do a bootcamp. The problem is I don't have a lot of experiance with C# and VisualStudio. I don't want to do the bootcamp only to get certified, but also to learn the material and not just cram for tests. I hope you can tell me if you learn something and CED is not only preparing you for exams.

Good luck with the final stages.

Best regards,

Harold - NL

SiferUK said...

There is a lot in the bootcamp. Most days it is around 15 hours. Some practical, some lecture and test exams. There are parts covered which are not in the book - we covered AJAX and WCF 3.0 plus talks on SQL2K5. Luckiliy with the group that I am in there is a lot of interaction. So to answer your question I would put the certificate on hold for a while til you get more experience (I've been using .Net since the public Beta in 2000). It also depends on your overall programming experience. You need a good understanding of backend, middle tier and UI. Hope this helps - let me know.

haroldvanrijn said...

Maybe you are right to put it on hold, but on the onther hand, I have to start somewhere. If I decide to do the course at CED, maybe they give you a financial bonus if you bring them a new student. I don't know if they do??? I hope I can contact you by mail after you finished your camp.

Your information is very useful. Good luck again.


SiferUK said...

No problem let me know. We've a couple of days left. It's hard going with the last section 70-549 Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications which calls upon experience and everything learnt from the previous 4 parts. Also there will be a change shortly in 70-529 to incorporate WCF3.0