Wednesday, 26 March 2008

MOSS 2007 Internet Development

We've got a deployment going on here that has the WFE's in a DMZ and an application server and SQL server on the LAN.

The installation of MOSS is fine on the LAN as you get authentication from the Domain Controllers - when you add the WFE in the DMZ you don't!! A trust relationship has to exist between the DMZ and the LAN - OK so far but if you have more than 1 WFE in the DMZ you can't run PSConfig to use SQL authentication. So our solution is to have a Domain Controller in the DMZ and establish trust back to the LAN, use Port 1433 for SQL and Port 80 as per normal and use content publishing between the application server (where users will edit content) and the DB's that the WFE's are pointing to.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

U2U CAML Query Builder

I recently installed and used the CAML Query Builder from U2U. It's a good tool but there was one gotcha - in the XML that is built, the query is nested in <Query></Query>, - alright so far and the tool returns results. Copy this and use it in the SPQuery object and all results are returned regardless of the query used !? Well by removing the <Query></Query> tags it resolves the issue.