Friday, 29 February 2008

Trace and Event Log Categories

Least critical event to report to the event log
Audit Failure
Audit Success

Least critical event to report to the trace log

Event Throttling Categories

Backup and RestoreBackward Compatible Administration
Backward Compatible Site Object ModelBusiness Data
CommunicationContent Deployment
DatabaseDocument Management
E-MailExcel Calculation Services
Excel Services AdministrationExcel Services Cache
Excel Services External DataExcel Services Session
Excel Services Web Front EndExcel Web Access
Excel Web ServicesFeature Infrastructure
FieldsForms Services Administration
Forms Services Conversion and DeploymentForms Services Data Binding
Forms Services Data ObjectsForms Services Deployment
Forms Services File OpenForms Services Object Model
Forms Services RenderingForms Services Runtime
Forms Services RuntimeForms Services Runtime - Business Logic
Forms Services Runtime - Data ConnectionsForms Services Runtime - Session State
Forms Services ValidationGeneral
Group Approval Enhanced Group Management LibraryGroup Approval Enhanced Group Management Pages
Group Approval LibraryGroup Approval Pages
Group Approval SchedulesGroup Approval SOAP
Information Policy ManagementIRM
Knowledge Network ServerLauncher Service
Load Balancer ServiceLong running operation infrastructure
MCMS 2002 MigrationMS Search Administration
MS Search Advanced TracingMS Search Indexing
MS Search PropagationMS Search Query
MS Search Query ProcessorOffice Server General
Office Server Shared ServicesProject Server - General
Project Server Active Cache Enterprise Resource LoadProject Server Active Cache Load
Project Server Active Cache operationsProject Server Active Cache Save
Project Server Active Directory SynchronizationProject Server Analysis Cube Building
Project Server Archive, RestoreProject Server Calendars
Project Server GlobalProject Server Notifications
Project Server Portfolio ManagementProject Server Provisioning
Project Server QueueProject Server Reporting
Project Server ResourceProject Server Security
Project Server Server-Side EventsProject Server Sharepoint Integration
Project Server Status ReportsProject Server Summary Resource Assignments
Project Server Task Statusing and UpdatesProject Server Timesheet
Project Server-side Project OperationsProject Web Access
PublishingPublishing Cache
Publishing ProvisioningRecords Center
Server HelpSession State Service
Setup and UpgradeSharePoint Services
Site DirectorySite Management
Timer JobTopology
Unified Logging ServiceUpgrade
User ProfilesWeb Controls
Web PartsWebParts
Workflow FeaturesWorkflow Infrastructure

These are the categories available for logging under the Event Throttling Category in Diagnostic logging in MOSS 2007

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

MOSS 2007 Webpart Control Events not Firing

I found this an 'interesting one'.

protected override void CreateChildControls()
catch(Exception ex)

When creating a Webpart and I had the events wired up in the CreateDropDown() they would not fire but when I moved them into the CreateChildControls() they did!

All the CreateDropDown() did was populate a drop down from the table created in the PopulateDataTable() and wire up the Click event.

I haven't found an answer yet as to why this would happen but I'll look into it later but it worked for me.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008