Sunday, 17 June 2007

Day 1

Day 1 over and it is now Sunday morning. Up late last night reading, taking practice tests and labs. Though to be fair the labs took last place.

Enjoyable day - lots of information to take in. So now onto Day 2 and some more of 70-526.

As it is Sunday it is a late start and early finish from class - still lots to do back in the room for the rest of the day (see above).

The schedule for Moday thru Friday looks pretty brutal to be honest, 8am starts and 6pm finishes with reading and practice in the evenings so I'm guessing on a 14-15 hour day for the next two weeks.

Sleep who needs it - well I think you do as there is little point in getting chronic fatigue and not concentrating in class.

Well more reading and tests to do before class starts this morning.

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