Saturday, 30 June 2007

Day 15

Well the last day is over and the last exam taken and passed. This is the last evening here and I'm returning to the UK tomorrow evening. This afternoon a few of us went into Atlanta to see the Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coke. The aquarium was big and interesting. The World of Coke was more a case of pay $15 and see our advertising, though you do get to taste some of the more interesting flavors that Coke produce around the world.

The last exam, 70-549, put some of the previous ideas into practice and introduced new ones. On the whole it wasn't so bad. Most people have left already and the last of them are leaving in the morning on internal flights, so by the afternoon I'll be the last to leave as I'm on an international and with all the stuff going on should make for an interesting 12-14 hours travel if the plane leaves on time.

It has been a good time and I've met some interesting people and had a good few laughs. Hopefully we'll keep in touch for a while via an online group and exchange ideas about how we can put all into practice what we've learnt over the past two weeks and add it to the experience we already have.

As I'm off home tomorrow this will be the last entry from here and I expect the next post will be in the middle of the week as I'm starting a new job on Tuesday.

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