Thursday, 15 January 2009

Remote debugging

I was looking at a way to get remote debugging working for debugging MOSS custom webparts from an VS2008/XP PC to the Win2003 server running MOSS.

The section “The Remote Debugging Monitor is the one accepting your debug calls and the talking back to Visual Studio on your client, so to get these things to work you have to start the client as the user running Visual Studio (or have administrative permissions on the client). You can either log in to the remote host using that user or, as I prefer, right-click on the msvsmon.exe and choose Run As... Make sure that the user you are using to run the monitor with is member of the local Administrators group.” was a ‘gotcha’ that I missed first time round.

Do remember that when you attach to the w3p process during debugging it will prevent other users on MOSS from performing any actions.

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