Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Deployment of Reusable Content

I came across this issue the other day, which has been raised with MS who initially said they could reproduce it but now say they can't but are looking at it.

In the first instance where there is an approved version (v1.0) of the reusable content, it is added to the page and the page is deployed and the correct information is displayed.
When the reusable content is changed, so that we have a pending version (i.e. v1.1), and the deployment process is run it removes all previous versions, so that only the pending version exists, on the destination server. So if you have v2.1 pending and run the process, the destination server will have v2.1 from the source server but shows v0.1

The view on the source server is fine and so is a predeployment view (which is the site extended to Internet Zone)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • add some reusable content, with automatic updating, and approve it
  • add to a page (standard article page will do) approve the page so that it deploys
  • deploy to the destination server and it works as expected
  • edit the reusable content and leave it in a pending state, on the source server, this now shows as v1.0 published and v2.0 pending.
  • run the deployment
  • the content disappears from the destination server page that contained the original v1.0 – unexpected
  • on the destination server the reusable content shows v1.0 pending with the content from v2.0 pending from the source server and no previous versions.

Both servers have WSS3.0 SP1 and MOSS 2007 SP1 installed, Windows 2003 OS

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