Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Cross Farm Deployment pt 1

I haven't posted in a while because I have been stuck in the 'hell' that is content deployment in MOSS 2007.

We've a 3 tier environment - one for development, one for staging and one for live. As these environments were not all available at the time of initial construction it has been a pain to get the deployment working. I think I have described the topology that we have but I'll quickly run through it again. In dev we have 2 x virtual MOSS boxes, in staging we have 1 x MOSS box and SQL in the domain and 1 x WFE in the DMZ, in live we have 1 x MOSS box , 1 x SQL cluster in the domain and 2 x WFE in the DMZ with a Domain Controller.

The initial pain was to get all the boxes talking to each other through the relevant ports - this is where if you have a third party running your firewalls you'll need them on call to create the relevant rules for the traffic(port 80, 433, 1433 etc). Once this was done it was the tedious process of getting each of the boxes into the relevant farm and get the services running - so far so good.

Once this was done the deployment process was started from between the development servers. If you running these as virtual machines ensure that the SQL box is a physical box as the processes will grind to a halt/very slow with the disc read/write operations in the virtual environment. This is where we are at the moment - the deployment has been proven between all the boxes as necessary.

We have a publishing site which has been heavily customized and needs to be deployed between the two development boxes and it has failed a number of times. It appears that the customization of the base pages etc is causing an issue. I'll write some more later in the week.

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